Saturday, January 30, 2016

DIY 'No Sew' Axes for Ax Toss Game

My little Lennon is turning 1 in a few days and I'm throwing him a lumberjack themed birthday party. We're having older kids (to include his big sister) at the party so I wanted to come up with a game to keep them busy. I searched everywhere online and I didn't find anything that was both fun and went with the party theme, so I decided to invent my own game. 

I made this game out of one of those tri-fold posters that are generally used for school projects. At first I was going to use a velcro method so that the axes would stick to the target once they were thrown, but I'm a little short on time since I decided at the last minute (as usual) to include a party game. Next best thing is cut a hole in the middle and have the kids aim for it. 

The sign was made from a cardboard poster header like this one here. Except I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $2.99! The tri-fold poster board display is from Walmart. I think it was also around $3. I used different sized bowls to trace out the target and then I just painted the lines in. The middle was cut out with a box cutter. After I finished the target I felt like the poster still looked kind of bare, so I added a few random trees at the bottom. 

The little axes were SUPER quick and easy to make. The tutorial is down below after the photos and video of my daughter, Rose, testing out the finished product. She approves. 


DIY 'No Sew' Axes for Ax Toss Game

Things you'll need:


 Glue Gun


Rice (for added weight)


I needed my axes to be kind of small, but feel free to make these larger if you are creating a baby rattle or stuffed toy instead. I rarely measure anything so most of my crafts are results from me eyeballing everything along the way. Cut out the handles for the axes. They should look like little rectangles. The length and width will vary depending on what size you want your ax to be. Hot glue along one of the longer edges then fold it over to make a tube like the two photos below. 

Glue one of the ends shut so you only have one opening to the handle. You will need this opening to insert the stuffing. 

I found it was easier to roll my stuffing into little balls and then shove it in with my scissors. Don't over stuff, but also make sure you don't stuff too little.  

Leave some space up top so you can hot glue the other end shut after you're done filling it up.

Now for the 'blade'. Cut out 2 little rectangles in whatever size you want your blade to be. 

I decided to give them a little curve so that it looks more 'ax-ish'.

Hot glue one of the shorter ends together so it looks like a little book.

This is when you'll have to put the blade and handle together. Hot glue across the bottom edge of your 'little book'. Position the handle where you want it to be and fold the blade flap over so that you now have a sealed up bottom edge with the top of the handle glued inside.

Hot glue the remaining short end shut.

Now you're left with a little pocket like the photo below.

Grab some stuffing and make a little bed for the rice. Fold the stuffing over so the rice is inside and won't be able to spill everywhere when you place this inside your 'blade pocket'.

Once again... Don't over stuff, but make sure you still put enough in so that the ax isn't totally flat. 

Hot glue across the last opening and voilĂ ! You're ax is complete.

You can get little rattle sound inserts on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. They're pretty cheap and would make an adorable addition to this ax if you were making it as a baby toy. 

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