Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chicken Fajita Quesadillas

Do you love chicken fajitas? Do you love quesadillas? Combine the two and you have one amazing quesadilla you'll want to make over and over! Quesadillas are one of those things I love to order when we go out to eat. They’re easy to eat and fun to dip and top with things. Chicken not your thing? Switch up the protein and use steak, or shrimp, or any vegetarian protein!

I never pass up a good quesadilla. Combine it with the flavors of a fajita and my taste buds do flips! My favorite part about quesadillas is the fact that they are SO family friendly and can easily be modified to everyone's personal taste. 

I love to dip my quesadillas in guacamole. I will basically dip *ANYTHING* in guacamole. 

I found this recipe on pinterest a while back and we can't get enough of it. I make this meal 1-2 times a week now! It's our new family favorite and I'm so excited to share this special find with you all. Enjoy!

(The only thing I changed from this recipe is when my tortilla is heating up I add a layer of cheese first THEN all the filling followed by another layer of cheese before putting the other tortilla on top. I'm a cheese fiend.)

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