Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dinosaur Party!

I originally didn't plan on throwing Rose a 3rd birthday party because I was super pregnant at the time and my husband was deployed. I didn't have much help and assumed planning a party would be too stressful for me during this time. I decided to just fly home to NJ with Rosie and take her to this really cool outdoor Dinosaur exhibit not far from where my family lived. 

We ended up not being able to enjoy the dinosaur exhibit because it was absolutely FREEZING outside and even though Rosie was bundled up she still kept shivering. We went to NJ for just three days specifically to go to the exhibit and now we won't even be experiencing it. I felt so bad for Rose because I had gotten her all hyped up for it beforehand. The NJ trip wasn't a total waste, though. We spent time with my family so it was nice.

Once we returned to Texas I decided to throw her a a very short notice party. I quickly created the invites with a party date of a week and a half away so I got to crafting right away! If Rose wasn't going to have the Dinosaurs from NJ then I wanted her to at least have a party here at home. 

Here are the photos from the little birthday shoot I did a few days before the party:

Party photos:

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