Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Superhero Party!

My daughter LOVES superheroes. This is the first birthday party theme that she actually picked out herself. I decided to do a blend of random superheroes because she loves them all. The geek in me originally had a mildly hard time mixing up Marvel and DC as if they're all the same... but I got over it. lol

This party was Rosie's most recent one. She just turned 4 this past November. Daddy was actually home for this party since he returned from his deployment only a few weeks before. 

We hired "professionals" to come dressed as Captain America and Batman but an hour before the party he texted me saying that they can't come. I was beyond livid since I had told Rose for weeks that Captain America and Batman were both coming to her party and she was so excited about meeting them. We had to come up with a new plan so my husband rushed over to Party City to buy an adult sized Captain America costume that he would wear himself. 

Till this day Rose doesn't know it was her dad. She still talks to us about how she met Captain America and that she was so excited about it. #ParentWin 

Batman not showing up turned out to be a good thing anyway. The party guests came dressed up as heroes and villains. One person dressed up as Batman (deep batman voice and all) and Rose was terrified. He was just a kid so I can't imagine how horrified she would have been if a huge adult male walked in our house with that deep batman voice in full costume from head to toe. She loves Batman, in theory. Not so much in person I guess lol

Here are the pics from her birthday photo shoot. I edited them in a way that they'd look cartoon-y and comic book-like since her party had a lot of comic book themed decorations on top of all the superhero stuff. She told me she wanted to dress up as The Hulk so I made her a costume. The shirt was from Amazon, my friend at Ittie Bittie Moccs made her shoes, and I made everything else.

Daddy was the bank robber :) Click on the photo to make it larger.

Party photos:

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