Saturday, February 6, 2016

Our Little Lumberjack is ONE!

I know it's such a cliché thing to say but I can't believe my itty bitty little baby is one already! This year flew by and it's so bittersweet. I'm extremely happy to see Lennon grow and learn new things every day but it makes me so sad because I feel like he's growing up too fast!

His actual birthday was on the 4th of February but today was his party. Today is also my husband's birthday and our wedding anniversary is the day before Lennon's birthday. February is a busy month for us. 

This is the last kid's birthday party I'll be throwing in El Paso. Every party from now on will happen in our new home once we move to Oregon. A lot of people showed up today and that made this party extra special for us since in a way it's sort of like a 'going away' party too. 

Anyway, enough chatter. Here are some of the pics!


Party favors for the boys:

Party favors for the girls:

My DIY Pancake Cake:

DIY Ax Toss Game (see tutorial here):

Photo booth backdrop and DIY props:

Party favors:

Lumberjack Cake Smash Pics (view them all here):

Lennon and daddy:

Singing happy birthday:

Yellow cake with milk chocolate filling:

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy. Mama loves you, bubba.

I also whipped up a quick homemade reece's peanut butter cup for my hubby. 
You can find the recipe and tutorial here:

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