Sunday, February 14, 2016

Van Gogh / Doctor Who Cake

Being a military wife is pretty stressful. We move a lot, our husbands are barely ever there, we spend years raising our kids alone, we worry when they're deployed, we spend long periods of time without talking to our spouses, we have zero control over any life decisions because the military controls everything. There are some good point, though. Not many, but some. One of them is when you're lucky enough to meet a fellow military wife that knows exactly what you're going through. Someone that you won't live near for a very long time because the military is bound to move one of you soon, yet for a short while you have found a really good friend. 

I have one here in El Paso. She's a fellow whovian and lover of most geeky things just as I am. She has a lovely family and we are going to miss them like crazy once we move away in a few months. If nothing else, then I am extremely grateful for this insane military life we lead because it brought her into my life. Chances are we won't ever live near each other again, but we won't ever forget her, her husband, her beautiful kids, and puppies. 

Her birthday is tomorrow so naturally I made her a cake. Doctor Who fans will take one look at this cake and they will instantly know exactly what episode this cake is inspired by. 

I added the sunflowers because Van Gogh :) 

Here is a quick synopsis of that episode followed by a short clip of the best scene.

{The Doctor and Amy travel back in time to meet Vincent Van Gogh because of some usual Doctor Who/Alien drama that I won't get into because it's hard to explain. In 1890, they find Vincent at a cafe, a lonely man with a bad reputation. They befriend him and later that evening the artist confesses that his works have little value to anyone else, but he believes the universe is filled with wonders that he must paint. The next day, the Doctor and Amy prepare to leave. Vincent asks Amy to return and marry him should she leave the Doctor. As Vincent turns to leave, the Doctor offers to show him something. The Doctor and Amy take Vincent in the TARDIS (blue police box/time traveling spaceship) to the present and the Van Gogh exhibit at the Musée d'Orsay. Vincent is stunned at the display, and becomes emotionally overwhelmed when he overhears an art curator say that Van Gogh was "the greatest painter of them all" and "one of the greatest men who ever lived". They return an emotionally changed Vincent back to the past and say their final goodbyes. As the Doctor and Amy return to the present, Amy hopes that there will be several more paintings by Vincent waiting for them, but instead learn that Vincent still committed suicide at the age of 37. The Doctor explains that life is a mixture of bad and good, and while their brief encounter with Vincent couldn't undo everything wrong, they added some good to his life. The evidence is in Vincent's displayed works since now a there is a painting of a vase with 12 sunflowers that bears the inscription "For Amy".}

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Starry Night Cake

Add a light up TARDIS and Boom! Instant Doctor Who episode cake.
Sunflowers "For Amy"

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